Power Slop ... with an edge

In The Beginning
Who are the Lone Rangers you ask?, we are just a couple of normal guys that like millions of others had a dream and a mission to put together a Rock-n-Roll band, and become rich an famous on our own terms.   

We were actually lucky enough to do this but it wasn't very  easy or too smart the way we went about it.  As a matter of fact, we got our asses busted and thrown in jail!  Some say it was the greatest publicity stunt ever pulled but in all actuality it was not planned out.  We were fucking desperate!   None of us new that Rex was going to pull out that gun and start freaking out on Milo .  We just all kind of went along with it in the heat of the moment and one thing led to another.  Pretty soon we were in over our heads!

Looking back on it all now, I am just glad that nobody got hurt and that we got a sweet ass record deal with Palentine Records.

Keep an eye out on our website for more upcoming releases and remember ... Rock-n-Roll !!!

Thanks to All of Our Fans !
It was a long 3 months in jail, but thanks to all our new fans that sent us tons of fan mail we managed to get through it.

 When we first started out we couldn't get anybody to even listen to our demo tape let alone imagine that one day we would release an album "Live In Jail" that would turn triple platinum .

You guys are the best and we love you all!!!

Now That We're Back?
I know it has been a long time since you last heard from The Lone Rangers, but we are back together now and we plan on recapturing some of the magic that was on our first album "Live In Jail".

Nothing too fancy in our future plans however. We just plan on doing what we know how to do best ... making Rock-n-Roll!  We had our day in the sun so now we are just kicking back and writing/recording some tunes for our next anticipated album. We ditched Palentine Records and are going it on our own this time. Even though our first album did great in  record sales we (the band) did not actually see too much of the money that was made off of our first album.   Dam record companys! ... go it alone if you can because you won't make any money being signed to a label.   Anyways, if our new album does half as well as our first album did we will be very pleased to say the least

Me and Rex have been coming up with some pretty cool stuff lately that we want you all to get a chance to hear. Now if we could just get Pip to show up to practice once in a while? lol

 As soon a s we get a half way decent recording of the new material we will post some MP3s up here on the website on the "Sounds" page so keep an eye out for that.

bye for now,